Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Your #1 Guide To The Holy Land - Christianity and New Testament

In Jesus times the Jewish will be 3rd Class Citizen, Romans would be 2nd Class Citizens and Roman Emperor and his soldier would be the 1st Class Citizens on different Levels Each of Course.

 From the NT Era to the Ecumenical Councils

When Jesus was crucified - he was not only crucified for our salvation and sins, he was crucified for our sins and for our lives, but if we understand the full meaning of incarnation he was killed and crucified by the occupier forces, and many apostles and christian teachers would be crucified in early Centuries, The Teaching of the first church was complete opposite to the Roman Empire.

At First the Roman Emperor was threatened and then the Religious High Group also felt threatened by Jesus - someone is coming to proclaim to be God and the son of God  - this mean all there power will be gone , when we read the new testament we need to keep in our minds the geo political situation at that time, there is places where high class people dwelled and some low class in the country side they went there to worship and offer sacrafices, we also note that high taxes in first century that people were ordered to pay. 

The First christian group / church was considered Jewish Sect they weren't deattached from Judaisim yet, they were called the people of the road or the Way , or the followers of the Nazarene but also we see that they were first time to be called Christians was in Antioch in the Book of Acts.

Pharises belived in supernatural and demons - Sadduccens did not.

The First Church

The Good News is the life and teaching of Jesus, His crucifixion and Death, His resurrection from Death, his ascension to Heaven and his prospected future return.

The Mission of the Church

 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. 

The Birth of the Church

The Day of Pentecost marks the birth of the Church - Began with pouring of the holy spirit, the First Church had unique practices.

Hananiha and Safiria 

You were not obligated to donate anything to the christian movement but what they did , they pretended they sold everything and gave it to the apostles but they were hesitant of it but they wanted the previlage of joining the group and put something aside, when they lied, they lied against God and Against the Apostles.

Around the Day of the pentecost we learn about 3000 people they came that day, so imagine those disciples you have many of them not only the 12, during the ascension there were 500, but the main ones of course were twelve.

Christianity Confronting the Traditions 

The Early Church there have been lots of confrantation and sexual practices in the Greek/Roman Temples, so when paul talks about women let women cover there head, it is preferably that they cover there head when it come to fellowship meeting, because it was belived that demon hang on women's hair.

 Advocating For Social and Ecclesiasticla Equality Galatians

There is neither jew nor Gentile, Neither Slave nor free, nor is there male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus, Most of the new converts were the middle and low class.

Most of the new converts were from the middle and low Class , between 70 AD and 313 AD it was considered illegal , they were persecuted by the roman Empire.


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